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RAPP Russia is an agency where unique and creative individuals come together. Everyone on our team has a rich background and brings a deep specialization in loyalty programs and creative solutions in the digital sphere. Our agency boasts many years of experience in providing solutions to clients representing over 50 sectors of the Russian economy. We analyze consumer behavior and implement innovative technologies in our projects to offer best solutions. Multichannel communication with consumers, based on a data-driven approach and exceptional customer experiences, allows us to further develop our clients’ businesses every day.


6th Floor, 1, Vasilisy Kozhinoy Street

Moscow, Russia 121096


Vagif Aliev, Managing Director

+7 495 011 00 08
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6th floor, 1, Vasilisy Kozhinoy Street, Moscow, 121096, Russia
6th floor, 1, Vasilisy Kozhinoy Street, Moscow, 121096, Russia
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    Vagif Aliev

    Managing Director, RAPP Russia


    Vagif is an experienced agency account leader and marketing consultant with over 15 years of agency experience, who's worked with major European and American brands in Russia, including McDonald’s, VISA, MARS, Philip Morris, Procter&Gamble, Johnson&Johnson. He's worked in different agencies, managing projects from brand strategy to digital, off-trade and cross-media activities.

    Why I'm At RAPP

    I believe that my clients’ businesses need deep and close cooperation with the team. This leads to creation and implementation of effective communication. I have joined RAPP to become the part of the global team that changes digital data world.