"Our culture was and is based on fierce individuality that supports working flexibly to provide what you need – so that has remained our foundation.

My role is all about empowering our people to grow and thrive by giving them the tools and support needed. And those needs have evolved in several ways. For starters, we no longer have that central connector of being together physically, for socialization or collaboration, which spawns the innovation and creativity at the core of who we are and what we do for our clients. Going deeper into my discipline, our talent is leaning on HR exponentially more – as both business partners and people-partners, who care for individual needs in an even more holistic way than ever before. Accounting for the safety and health concerns around the pandemic, fighting against racism and social injustices, and adapting to working from home amidst caregiving, homeschooling, and the distractions inherent in our homes, we’ve invested more time and resources into check-ins, training, and sharing sessions as well as wellness and parenting tips and assistance – all with extra listening for empathy and understanding."

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